Judith Plotz Emerging Scholar Award Committee

The Judith Plotz Emerging Scholar Award is awarded annually by the Children's Literature Association to recognize outstanding articles of literary criticism by new, never-before-published article authors on the topic of children's literature within a given year.

Composition of the Committee:

The Judith Plotz Emerging Scholar Award Committee consists of six rotating members elected for three-year terms and a chair appointed by the President with the approval of the Executive Board for a term of three years. Terms begin immediately following the ChLA annual business meeting.

Committee Members:

Chair: Sara Austin, Miami University, 2021-2024
Co-Chair/Committee Member: Emily, Midkiff, University of North Dakota, 2021-2024
Ngozi Onuora, Millikin University, 2020-2023
Laura Wasowicz, American Antiquarian Society, 2020-2023
Jan Susina, Illinois State University, 2020-2023
Megan Musgrave, IUPUI, 2022-2025

ChLA Board Liaison:

Thomas Crisp, Georgia State University, 2021-2022