Edited Book Award Committee

The ChLA Edited Book Award is awarded annually by the Children's Literature Association to recognize the contributions of an outstanding edited collection of essays to children's literature history, scholarship, and criticism.  Eligible titles must be published, book-length edited collections that make a distinct or significant contribution to our understanding of children's literature from a literary, cultural, historical, or theoretical perspective.  They must be written in English exclusively by the authors whose names appear in the list of contributors and the editor(s) whose name(s) appear on the title page, and they must bear a copyright date of the year under consideration.  New editions of previously published books and books containing reprints of previously published essays are not eligible.  Biographical studies and studies of children's films and other media are eligible.  Volumes with a primarily pedagogical focus and reference works are not.

Composition of the Committee:

The Edited Book Award Committee consists of six members, two elected each year for a term of three years, and a chair, who is appointed by the President (with the approval of the Executive Board) for a term of three years. Terms begin immediately following the ChLA annual business meeting.

Committee Members:

Chair, Pete Kunze, University of Texas at Austin, 2019-2022
Gretchen Papazian, Central Michigan University , 2020-2021
Naomi Lesley, Holyoke Community College, 2018-2021
Karly Marie Grice, Millikin University, 2018-2021
Brigitte Fielder, University of Wisconsin-Madison, 2019-2022
Carl F. Miller, Palm Beach Atlantic University, 2019-2022
Jason Vanfosson, West Chester University, 2020-2023

ChLA Board Liaison:

Elisabeth Rose Gruner, University of Richmond, 2020-2021

Edited Book Award Winners