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The Benefits of Your ChLA Membership

The reasons for joining ChLA are manifold. While the occasion to meet an international group of authors, scholars, and teachers who share similar academic interests is certainly rewarding, perhaps the most gratifying aspect of maintaining your membership is the opportunity to enjoy the company of a friendly and welcoming group of people dedicated to pursuing the study of children’s literature.

Below is a brief list of unique opportunities that accompany your membership:


  • Receive a reduced rate at the annual conference. Connect face-to-face with other scholars in your field and learn about the most recent work in children’s literature.

  • Participate in a variety of panel discussions, seminars, and workshops, such as research presentations, the Building an Academic Career in Children’s Literature session, Syllabus Exchange, and the Editor’s Roundtable discussion.

  • Attend plenary lectures by significant authors, illustrators, and scholars working in the field of children’s literature.

  • Receive voting privileges, with the election of ChLA officers, board, and committee members, held annually in February and March.


  • Attend the annual conference of the Children’s Literature Association and share your research with scholars who have similar interests.

  • Propose panels, seminars, and workshops for upcoming ChLA meetings.

  • Receive updates about upcoming conferences and other CFPs.


  • Receive job advertisements related to the field of children’s literature including areas such as literature, education, and library sciences.

Service Opportunities 

  • Build leadership, teamwork, and networking skills by volunteering with committees such as the Anne Devereaux Jordan Award Committee, Article Award Committee, Book Award Committee, Diversity Committee, Edited Book Award Committee, Grants Committee, International Committee, Phoenix Award Committee, and the Phoenix Picture Book Award Committee.
  •  Promote the growth and acceptance in universities of critical approaches to the field of children’s literature.

Financial Benefits

  • Compete for annual article and book awards at the undergraduate, graduate, and faculty levels.
  • Submit applications for annual ChLA Research Grants.
  • Purchase previous issues of Children’s Literature and the Children’s Literature Association Quarterly at discounted prices.

Publications and Resources

  • Receive, as part of your membership, subscriptions to the annual volume of Children’s Literature as well as the Children’s Literature Association Quarterly, both published by The Johns Hopkins University Press.


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