Submit a Book Proposal

General Studies in Children's Literature
ChLA invites book proposals for original critical studies in the field of children's literature and for collections of critical essays or other works of importance to the advancement of the study of children's literature. ChLA does not publish fiction for children or curriculum development or instructional manuals. Individuals wishing to submit original manuscripts or ideas for edited anthologies through ChLA should complete the Proposal for a Book form.

ChLA Centennial Series
Scholars wishing to edit a new volume in this series should submit a proposal at least two years before the anniversary of their featured text. Proposals should contain all the information outlined in Proposal for Centennial Series.

The Publications Advisory Board invites proposals on any appropriate book or series but is especially interested in hearing from those wishing to edit volumes on the texts below. Before preparing a proposal, please email the Publications Advisory Board Chair to ensure that no contracts for that topic have already been issued.

Suggested Topics for Future Centennial Collections

May Gibb, Tales of Snugglepot and Cuddlepie: Their Wonderful Adventures
Norman Lindsay, The Magic Pudding

The Publications Advisory Board requests electronic submission of proposals. For further information about submitting a proposal to either series, please email the ChLA Publications Advisory Board Chair, Roxanne Harde, at the following address: [email protected].

The final decision on manuscript acceptance lies with the ChLA Publications Advisory Board and with any ChLA co-publisher.

files to download:

ChLA Book Proposal Form: General Studies (pdf)

ChLA Book Proposal Form: Centennial Studies (pdf)