ChLA Public Statements


Members of the Children’s Literature Association may propose that the organization take a public stance on issues pertaining to its mission “to encourage scholarship, research, and criticism in the field of children’s literature, and to enhance the professional stature of the undergraduate and graduate teaching of children’s literature and of the teaching of literature to children.” That mission includes “working with other organizations, with publishers, and with the public” to advance our commitment to an equitable and inclusive landscape for children’s literature and cultures. Since the membership works on a range of academic, educational, and public service focuses, the organization may therefore respond to matters that affect any dimension of our professional service, including issues of academic freedom, equity in education, and intellectual dialogue. Matters of concern may also include institutional or governmental policies and regulations that impact our members’ professional work. Members who seek a public statement from the Children’s Literature Association on an issue are invited to prepare a rationale explaining its relevance to the organization’s mission and submit it to the Officers for discussion and review. The member will receive acknowledgement and an anticipated time for response. The ChLA has an electronic vote policy that may be in effect.

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