Mentoring Award

The ChLA Mentoring Award recognizes excellence in mentoring taking place within the ChLA and extending beyond the boundaries of the mentor's own university.  Awardees will have contributed in significant ways to enhancing others' scholarship and/or professional careers within the field of children's literature over a substantial period of time.  Such mentorship may take place in a variety of contexts, including but not limited to organizational committee work, journal or other professional editing work, ChLA discussions of teaching and/or career-building, and informal contacts.

Submission Period:

December 15 - February 1

Submission Guidelines:

  • Nomination packets will be assembled by a nominator who has decided to spearhead this task and to solicit additional material from others who may be interested in furthering the nomination.

  • Packets should contain 3-5 letters and a cover sheet with the name and contact information of the nominee and the nominator.  Packets should total no more than 10 pages in length, excluding cover sheet.  At least two letters must come from people who have never been students or departmental colleagues of the nominee, and all nomination letters must come from current ChLA members. 

Past Mentoring Award Recipients:

2022: Kimberly Reynolds (Newcastle University)
2021: Katharine Capshaw (University of Connecticut)
Sarah Park Dahlen 
(St. Catherine University)
2020: Anne K. Phillips (Kansas State University)
2019:  No award given
2018:  Michelle Martin (University of Washington)
Leona Fisher (Georgetown University)
2017:  June Cummins (San Diego State University)
2016:  Margaret Mackey (University of Alberta)
2015:  No award given
2014:  Marilynn Olson (Texas State University)