Anne Devereaux Jordan Award

The Jordan Award Committee selects the recipient of the Anne Devereaux Jordan Award for Distinguished Service to Children's Literature, which is awarded for significant contribution in scholarship and/or service to the field of children's literature.

Submission Guidelines:

  • Nominations for the Anne Devereaux Jordan Award are welcome from any current ChLA member.

  • Nominations should be sent to the current ADJ Committee chair by October 10 of a given year. Please send your nomination to Jane Gangi at [email protected].

  • When nominating someone, please keep in mind that the award recognizes service and/or scholarship in the field of children's literature over the course of a career, though "service" to our field can be identified in a variety of ways. Please indicate how the nominee has contributed in one or both of these areas in your nomination letter.

Recipients of the Anne Devereaux Jordan Award for Outstanding Achievement in Children's Literature


Roberta Seelinger Trites

2022: Beverly Lyon Clark
2021: KT Horning
2020: Peter Hunt
2019: Riitta Oittinen
2018: Rudine Sims Bishop
2017: Margaret Mackey
2016: Mark I. West (Acceptance Speech Video)
2015: Judith Plotz
2014: John Stephens
2013: John Cech
2012: Karen Nelson Hoyle
2011: J. D. Stahl
2010: Betsy Hearne
2009: Elizabeth Keyser
2008: Jill P. May
2007: Ulrich Knoepflmacher
2006: Barbara Rosen
2005: Peter Neumeyer
2004: Sheila Egoff
2003: Gillian Adams
2002: Lois Kuznets
2001: Alethea Helbig
2000: Jon Stott
1999: Jack Zipes
1998: Jean Perrot
1997: Roderick McGillis
1996: No award given
1995: Roni Natov and Geraldine DeLuca
1994: Francelia Butler
1993: No award given
1992: Anne Devereaux Jordan