Route 8 Map

Bus Options:

IndyGo’s Route 8:
IndyGo's Route 8 provides non-express, fixed route service from the airport to downtown for $1.75 per ride. This route runs seven days a week, early morning to late night with departures every half hour. From the baggage claim on the lower level of the terminal, walk outdoors to the Ground Transportation Center. From the upper level of the terminal, pass the check-in counters and access Ground Transportation via the enclosed walkway. The ride from the airport to downtown is approximately 45min. Once downtown, get off at the stop at the intersection of Washington and West streets, and the Westin hotel will be less than a 5min walk away, on Maryland (see map). For more information on route descriptions, trip planning, and pricing, call IndyGo at (317) 635-3344 or visit

GO Green Downtown Indy Express:
GO Green Downtown Indy Express provides $12 one-way travel to the downtown area, with priority given to online reservations The ride from the airport to this stop is approximately 50min. This bus includes a stop at the Convention Center (Stop 2), which is across from the Westin.

Airport shuttle schedule:

Car Share:

BlueIndy is the electric car-sharing service that connects you from the airport to destinations around the City of Indianapolis. BlueCars are located on the fifth floor of the Terminal Garage and enrollment kiosks are located on the third floor just outside the Pedestrian Bridge from the terminal, but we encourage you to start your enrollment online prior to arrival. To find BlueIndy charging stations around our conference location, view the Map Stations website and look up “Westin hotel Indianapolis.” There are two charging very close to the Westin, and several others within 10min walking distance. For additional information, visit the BlueIndy FAQ page or contact a customer service representative at 800-329-2058.

Uber and Lyft:
Uber and Lyft are both available for around $20-$40, depending on the size of the vehicle and traffic.

To hail a taxi, locate the Taxi Station on the lower level of the terminal just outside of Baggage Claim and press the green call button to call a taxi. There is a $15 minimum charge for all fares from the airport.