Publications Advisory Board

The Publications Advisory Board oversees book publications sponsored by the Children's Literature Association, soliciting, reviewing, and approving them for submission to the Board, and administers copyright issues, including the granting of permissions for reprints. The Publications Advisory Board seeks book manuscripts for the Association's affiliation with the University Press of Mississippi.

Composition of the Advisory Board
The Publications Advisory Board consists of a chair, who is appointed by the President in consultation with the Executive Board, and two to five members, who are appointed by the President after consultation with the chair, for terms of three years.

Advisory Board Members

Chair: Jackie Horne, Independent Scholar, 2014-2018
Marek Oziewicz, University of Minnesota-Twin Cities, 2015-2018
Michelle Martin, University of Washington, 2016-2019
Ada Bieber, Humboldt-University of Berlin, 2017-2020
Peter Hunt, Cardiff University, 2017-2020

Past Publications Advisory Board Chairs

Teya Rosenberg
David Russell
Raymond E. Jones