Guidelines for Presenters

Guidelines for Presenters:

For the conference to be as inclusive as possible, all attendees should follow the accessibility guidelines, regardless of whether they recognize visible accessibility issues. 

Reminder: Each breakout room will contain a laptop and projector. Please bring your presentation on a flash drive. Adaptors will not be available for personal laptops.

Accessibility Guidelines for Slide Presentations:

  • Do not use media with motion, zoom, or strobe effects (such as Prezi transitions), in accordance with ADA recommendations.
  • Use a high contrast color scheme, i.e. black background with white font or the reverse.
  • Use a sans-serif font, such as Arial, and maintain a font size of 18-point or larger.
  • Provide minimal text on each slide.
  • Verbally describe all images, graphs, charts, or video included in your slides.

Accessibility Guidelines for Presenting:

  • Please use the microphone provided, regardless of room size and the volume of speaking voice. Presenters have the choice to sit or stand, and microphones will accommodate either option.
  • When speaking, always face the audience; this is especially helpful for audience members who are lip readers.
  • Speak at a normal rate, neither too slowly nor too quickly.
  • Bring a few print copies of your paper and/or slides for audience members who would like to follow along with you.
  • During Q & A, either one of the presenters or the panel Chair should repeat each question from the audience into the microphone before answering.

Accessibility Guidelines for All Conference Attendees:

  • Please avoid using scented products while at the conference.
  • Individuals attending sessions should feel free to stand, move about, get water, or vocalize as necessary during presentations.
  • If a service dog is present, be sure to approach the dog calmly and ask its human partner before addressing or touching the dog.

Our onsite Accessibility Liaison during the conference is Michelle Pagni Stewart. Please contact her if any concerns arise before or during the conference: (951)813-9493 or [email protected]

These guidelines were compiled from standards provided by the American Disability Association and the Disability Studies Association.