Attendee Guidelines

  • If you have any emergency tech issues that are creating a barrier, please message the panel’s conference monitor or contact Jamie Reed at [email protected].
  • The Accessibility Committee will be available via [email protected] to assist you throughout the conference.
  • Zoom’s Keyboard Commands can help if you are using keyboard-only navigation or assistive technology or if your mouse stops working unexpectedly. Website resource available here.
  • If you cannot access the Zoom chat due to using assistive technology, feel free to reach out to the Accessibility Committee for support. In addition, please feel free to provide the moderator of panels you are interested in with your email so that they can collect the links and email you the access copies at the beginning of the session.

These guidelines were compiled from standards provided by the American Disability Association, the Disability Studies Association, and Yale’s Guidelines for Accessible Zoom Meetings.