Moderator Guidelines

Moderators are responsible for following the presenter guidelines above and for ensuring that all presenters do the same. In addition, moderators are asked to facilitate access by implementing the practices below.

Before the session:

  • Ask panelists if there are any accessibility needs they may have.
  • Remind panelists to upload their access copies to their preferred platform and to ensure that their share settings are accessible to all.
  • Configure the Zoom client as follows:
    • Enable “Always Show Meeting Controls.” Instructions on Yale website available here.
    • Enable “Live Transcript.”
    • Enable “Mute Participants on Entry”

During the session:

  • At the beginning of the session, as a part of your introduction, please read the access statement below:
    • “A quick reminder to follow the accessibility guidelines that have been posted on the ChLA Conference website. For presenters, this includes keeping your face well-lit, speaking clearly and regularly into the mic, and verbally describing all images. Presenters will also be sharing access copies in the chat. Please remember that these copies are not available for citation or distribution unless you have received the prior permission of the presenter.”
  • During the presentations, do your best to address any access barriers and needs as they arise.
  • During the Q & A, you should repeat each question from the audience (whether spoken or from the chat) to ensure that everyone can hear it and the live transcript can catch it.